Community, Education and Health


Winds of Africa, (Winds) is an organization dedicated to strengthen human resource capacities in education, health, and economic systems in the communities of Tanzania.

Tanzania is in the central eastern area of Africa and boarders Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia and stretches from the Indian Ocean to Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. The history of Tanzania holds a treasure of knowledge across breathtaking land. The diverse population and extraordinary landscape gives way to the past and the hidden stories you will hear as you expand your journeys through Tanzania.

Winds welcome residents, volunteers and travelers to join us in our endeavors. Our mission is to assist institutions and communities in strengthening human resource capacities. We do this by supporting training schemes, providing consultancy services, and running effective volunteer programs.  We have a diversity of assignments and areas where a person may provide assistance.  Currently, Winds has programs on community development, health and education in the towns of Marangu and Bomang’ombe which are located in the Mt Kilimanjaro Region as well as in the Engikaret Maasai Village located at the base of Mt. Meru in the Arusha Region. Other programs which are expected to be launched soon will be in the tourism and hospitality industry.

For the travelers that are seeking to learn more about the nature, history and culture of eastern and central Africa, we offer exceptional educational tour safaris. These safaris combine exploration, adventure and leisure in a stimulating and fulfilling way. Open your mind and Run Wild with the Winds of Africa.
Our offices are located in at the Hotel Flamingo, Arusha, Tanzania and in San Diego, California, USA. Please contact us for further information about all our programs. We are available to answer questions and assist you to capture
the perfect journey an experience, whether it is through a volunteer position or through exploration.

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